Consultation guide

Julie Van Onselen
Educator and Clinical Advisor

"Take a look at the E45 consultation guide, we have created it to help you make the most of the time you spend with each of your patients."

Typically in primary care practice, HCPs don't have much time to spend with their patients, for example the average GP consultation lasts for just 12 minutes 1 so it’s really hard to cover everything a patient with a dry and/or itchy skin condition needs and wants to know.

This consultation guide can help you collect the right information, structure your consultations and give patients the information they need to manage their dry and/or itchy skin effectively.

Thank you to Julie Van Onselen, Educator and Clinical Advisor at Dermatology Education Partnership Ltd, for her valuable input and guidance in creating this consultation guide.*

Julie Van Onselen is a dermatology adviser, educator and clinician. She is director of the Dermatology Education Partnership Ltd, which provides training for HCPs and consultancy for skincare companies: to help with deeper insights into their dermatology patients’ needs and optimise the management of skin conditions. She publishes widely and works with key national groups. Julie is passionate about improving care and support for people with skin conditions through developing educational initiatives for both healthcare professionals and patients.

*Dermatology and Education Partnership Ltd does not endorse any products

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