E45 products for dry or itchy skin

Designed to help your patients. E45’s extensive range of products are specially formulated to help manage dry skin and dry skin conditions, with different solutions that can meet different needs effectively.

E45 emollients can help rehydrate skin and retain moisture and are available in a variety of creams, lotions and sprays.

So it’s easy to find an emollient that suits their skin, fits in with their lifestyle, that they’re more likely to use on a regular basis and can help them build an effective skincare routine they’ll keep.

E45’s cleansing range of shampoo, wash, shower and bath oils can help you replace harsh soaps with a complete emollient routine.

If your patients suffer from dry or itchy skin, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis or ichthyosis, certain E45 products can make it easier for them to build their healthy skin routine.

Licensed medicine for dry or itchy skin, also available to buy