Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about E45

1. How often should emollient be applied?

Emollient should ideally be applied to the skin 34 times a day. For eczema sufferers, adults should use at least 500g of emollient every week, and children should use at least 250g a week. Eczema patients should follow the instruction provided in the product's information leaflet for frequency of application.

2. My child’s school doesn’t really understand the problems caused by dry and itchy skin – how can I help the school get it?

 It can be hard to help schools understand the impact that dry and itchy skin can have on a child’s life. Talking to a child’s teacher right at the start of term and asking if the school can work with the parents to create a feasible management plan for a child can help to keep their routine consistent.

Advise parents to explain vital information to the school – the condition the child has, what triggers it and what the child needs to do to manage their skin during the day. There are also some practical things the school could do to help, like making sure the child has a desk out of direct sunlight or away from radiators and keeping an emollient pump dispenser at school.

The National Eczema Society has some helpful information on talking to schools about a child’s skin condition.