Straight Up Skincare Project

Changing world, changing skin

E45 is on a mission to make skincare less complicated.

Introducing The Straight Up Skincare Project

The modern world can be tough on the skin. Hectic lifestyles may mean that people spend less time looking after their skin, and busy lives can expose customers to more triggers. Whatever their lifestyle, you can help the customers at your pharmacy to manage dry and condition skin.

See how we’re engaging your customers in The Straight Up Skincare Project starting with an exclusive three-day clinic in central London where customers can get free consultations with dermatologist and expert advisors.

Become a destination for Straight Up Skincare advice:

The Straight Up Skincare team will be running a free, dedicated pharmacy training programme to help you identify dry skin and condition skin, what triggers a flare-up and appropriate treatments options. It can give you more knowledge and confidence to provide practical, no nonsense advice in your own pharmacy to customers who face the daily challenges of dry and condition skin.

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We have leading experts in our corner

This unique modular training programme has been produced by E45 especially for pharmacy, with input from The Straight Up Skincare Expert Panel, which includes primary care dermatologists and patient experts. The focus will be on promoting proactive engagement between pharmacy assistants and customers with dry and condition skin.

Get straightforward education on:

Understanding the skin and what can trigger dry skin and eczema

When to refer a customer for more help

Having more confidence when making treatment recommendations

Advising customers on how to use their emollients properly.

When surveyed, only 1% of people could identify all the correct emollient application techniques.*

Get your Training Certificate

Click on each of the modules to enter your answers and receive a personalised certificate for each module you pass.

Module 1: A guide to the skin and common skin conditions
Module 2: A guide to the effect of the modern world on skin conditions
Module 3: Effectively managing dry skin, eczema and psoriasis with E45.

Once you’ve signed up to the free training programme, starting in early 2019, you’ll get:

● Your own copies of each of the modules.
● The ability to send your answers for independent, professional marking and assessment online, or by email, freepost and fax.
● A personalised certificate for each module that you successfully pass.

*E45 Straight Up Skincare Project Survey. Consumer Poll Results. 2018. (n = 5009).

The Straight Up Skincare Project in association with:

The National Eczema Society does not recommend or endorse any particular products.
UK/E45-OTC/0918/0025. Date of preparation: September 2018.